and help the Kids get a new playground.

"Support The Olivet Playground"

How can I help?
Help us with any fundraising ideas, support all the fundraising activities, buy a picket and/or a brick, and encourage your friends and family to do the same

How is my donation being handled?
We are working with the Olivet Lions Club and have opened a seperate account to handle these funds. Because the Lions Club is non profit your donation is tax deductible. When making your donation feel free to ask for a receipt for tax purposes. All payments out of the playground account requires 2 signatures for added security of the funds

Who is helping?
We would hope that you are willing to help us anyway that you can. We have been working with Leathers & Associates a family business out of New York. They have done several Community Built Playgrounds over the last 30 years. They will be our guide through this whole process and will provide support for the life of the equipment. The build will be supported by volunteers in the spring when we plan the 5 day build. We need everyones support to complete this project.

Who will take care of the Playground after it is completed?
The upkeep of the park and the equipment will maintained with the cooperation of the City of Olivet and the "Friends of the Park" who will conduct an annual check and complete any necessary repairs. There will be a seperate fund set a side for these repairs and upkeep.

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