We work with experienced agents that negoiate a short sale on your behalf.

We work with sellers and that are in pre-foreclosure and need to sell their property. We also work with Realtors who have listings that are over leveraged and with sellers who may be heading toward foreclosure. Working with both the seller and Realtor, if there is one, we negotiate a reduced pay off on the mortgage from the lender(s).

This process helps the lender to avoid the high costs associated with foreclosure and sells the property quickly.

There is no cost to the seller.

We pay the Realtor a commission if the short sale is successfully completed and a buyer is found.


The lender benefits because the high foreclosure cost is avoided.

The seller benefits because they may avoid a foreclosure on their credit report.

The Realtor receives a commission from a property that, with out the short sale, would not have sold.

The buyer receives a good deal on a property and may even be able to purchase it without a down payment.

The Lansing area benefits because we are providing jobs to contractors, and buyers to mortgage and title

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